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2019 Ways of Knowing Cities Laura Kurgan, Dare Brawley Columbia Books on Architecture and the City Technology mediates how we know and experience cities, and the nature of this mediation has always been deeply political. Today, the production and deployment of data is at the forefront of projects to grasp and reshape urban life. Ways of Knowing... More
2006 Architecture & Justice Spatial Information Design Lab The Architectural League architecture, justice, million dollar blocks A guide to accompany the exhibition Architecture and Justice, at the Architectural League opening on September 14, 2006. Using rarely accessible data from the criminal justice system, the Spatial Information Design Lab and the Justice Mapping... More PDF icon PDF_04.pdf
2005 Beyond the Bricks Spatial Information Design Lab Spatial Information Design Lab million dollar blocks, justice, new orleans A study of topography, prison admissions and expenditures in New Orleans including a focus on one specific housing project in the Ninth Ward, The Florida Homes. PDF icon BeyondTheBricks_2005_Volume.pdf
2016 Conflict Urbanism, Aleppo Laura Kurgan Harvard Design Magazine Almost five years after the start of the civil war in Syria, Aleppo is still under siege. At the time of writing, in February 2016, the few roads into and out of the city are blocked. What are believed to be Russian warplanes have been targeting... More
2019 A gravity model analysis of forced displacement in Colombia Juan Francisco Saldarriaga, Yuan Hua Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning Between 1985 and 2016 more than 7 million people were victims of forced displacement in Colombia. At the height of the conflict, more than 90% of municipalities in the country saw some form of displacement. In this study we extend the traditional... More PDF icon Cities_GravityModelColombia.pdf
2019 Homophily: the Urban History of an Algorithm Laura Kurgan, Dare Brawley, Jia Zhang, Brian House, Wendy Chun e-flux Architecture Coined by researchers Paul Lazarsfeld and Robert Merton in an influential 1954 study of friendships in Addison Terrace, a public housing project in Pittsburgh, the concept of “homophily” names “the tendency for friendships to form between people ‘of... More
2014 Port to Port Juan Saldarriaga, Laura Kurgan, Dare Brawley, Jen Lowe Spatial Information Design Lab Ninety percent of all goods worldwide are moved by ship, but shipping is mostly invisible. More than 300 million Metric Tons of energy are shipped in and out of the United States each year, in 60,000 shipments. This project presents the ports and... More
2017 Conflict Urbanism, Aleppo: Mapping Urban Damage Laura Kurgan AD / Architectural Design One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on the planet, Aleppo now lies in tatters. This devastation of a designated World Heritage Site is a poignant example of the human and cultural cost of armed conflict – in this case the Syrian Civil... More
2016 Conflict Urbanism: Colombia Laura Kurgan, Juan Saldarriaga, Angelika Rettberg After Belonging: The Objects, Spaces, and Territories of the Ways We Stay in Transit Over the course of the last thirty years, more than 7 million Colombians have left their homes and towns in a search for safety. In this project we plot the trajectories of these Colombians in conflict. This mass migration, with its dense network of... More PDF icon OAT_AfterBelonging_CSR_Conflict_Urbanism_Colombia.pdf
2007 City Council of New Orleans Criminal Justice Committee Meeting Spatial Information Design Lab Spatial Information Design Lab new orleans, justice Presentation to City Council in New Orleans, June 12th, 2007. A more detailed report will follow in October 2007. PDF icon PDF_05.pdf
2017 Access to Taxicabs for Unbanked Households: An Exploratory Analysis in New York City Juan Francisco Saldarriaga, David A. King Journal of Public Transportation Taxicabs are critical complements to public transit systems. In New York City, ubiquitous yellow cabs are as iconic as the city’s subway system, and the city recently added green taxicabs to improve taxi service in areas outside of the Central... More PDF icon AccesstoTaxicabsforUnbankedHouseholds.pdf
2017 Visualizing Conflict: Possibilities for Urban Research Juan Francisco Saldarriaga, Laura Kurgan, Dare Brawley Urban Planning The Center for Spatial Research (CSR) is undertaking a multiyear project investigating what we have termed Conflict Urbanism. The term designates not simply the conflicts that take place in cities, but also conflict as a structuring principle of... More PDF icon SaldarriagaKurganBrawley_VisualizingConflict_2017_UrbanPlanningVol2.pdf
2008 Justice Atlas of Sentencing and Corrections Kurgan, Cadora, Cummings, Justice Mapping Center The Justice Atlas of Sentencing and Corrections is an online tool for mapping the residential distribution of people involved in the criminal justice system. It uses aggregated address data to map the flow of people being removed to prison,... More
2013 Close Up at a Distance, Mapping Technology Politics Laura Kurgan Zone Books, 2013 Mapping, Urbanism, Memory, Satellites, GPS, GIS, Remote Sensing The past two decades have seen revolutionary shifts in our ability to navigate, inhabit, and define the spatial realm. The data flows that condition much of our lives now regularly include Global Positioning System (GPS) readings and satellite... More
2018 Politically Polarizing Media Coverage: Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis of the Gun Control and Immigration Debates Michelle McSweeney The United States is going through a period of political polarization that is unprecedented in recent history. In many ways, this is a self-fueling effect: the more polarized our opinions become, the more we produce and consume media that align with... More
2017 Visualizing the Victims of the Colombian Conflict Juan Francisco Saldarriaga Yuca This article published by Yuca magazine describes the Conflict Urbanism: Colombia project. In it, Juan Francisco Saldarriaga describes how, having grown up in Colombia, working on this project has changed his understanding of the conflict. The... More
2009 Justice Re-Investment New Orleans Spatial Information Design Lab Spatial Information Design Lab justice, new orleans This is the final report based on work done for a grant titled "Rebuilding Community, Prisoner Reentry and Neighborhood Planning in Post-Katrina New Orleans." The report contains three parts: 1. An Introduction to the concepts of Million... More PDF icon JR_NewOrleans.pdf
2014 Jumping the Great Firewall Dan Taeyoung Spatial Information Design Lab This project visualizes a relatively new phenomenon: online free expression in China. It examines some innovative strategies employed by users of Weibo, a Twitter–like micro–blogging platform, in order to avoid government censorship bloggers post... More
2008 The Pattern Spatial Information Design Lab Spatial Information Design Lab million dollar blocks, justice This publication documents the pattern of incarceration in four cities in the United States: Phoenix, Wichita, New Orleans and New York. Building on work already done jointly by the Council of State Governments, the JFA Institute, and the Justice... More PDF icon ThePattern.pdf
2006 Scenario Planning Workshop Spatial Information Design Lab Spatial Information Design Lab million dollar blocks, justice, urban planning This publication documents the results of a Scenario Planning Workshop, hosted by SIDL and facilitated by the Global Business Network on September 29th, 2006. The workshop took place at the Architectural League of New York as part of the exhibit,... More PDF icon ScenarioPlanning.pdf