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Data Visualization for Architecture, Urbanism and the Humanities

An introduction to data visualization theory and methods for students entirely new to the fields of computation and information design
A frame from the Conflict Urbanism Colombia project
A visualization of CitiBike imbalances

Through a series of in-class exercises and take-home assignments, students will learn how to critically engage and produce interactive data visualization pieces that can serve as exploratory and analytical tools. The course will be centered around a semester long data visualization group project, through which the students will learn the basics of data visualization, data analysis, data collection, programming and version control. However, even though the course will teach specific visualization tools, the main conceptual thread will be centered around how to work with data, both in the humanities and in architecture and urbanism. Students will define their final projects around their own interests, and will bring their own datasets into their final projects. View the syllabus and all course materials here