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Apply for Fall 2017 Student Positions

The Center for Spatial Research is seeking student assistants for the Fall 2017 semester. 

Students will be responsible for data analysis, visualization, map design, and will support research on projects dealing with our current research focus: conflict urbanism. Students will work extensively with spatial data including mining and analyzing data, processing and collecting data, and/or visualizing data in compelling and innovative ways. Working in close collaboration with principal investigators, students will produce work for inclusion in papers, multi-media projects, and exhibitions. 

Candidates must have experience with GIS and Adobe Creative Suite. In addition, please let us know if you have experience with any of the following tools: Processing, Python, D3, R, APIs, Microsoft Access, SQL, Stata/SPSS, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

We are seeking candidates who have experience with computational tools but are also eager to acquire additional skills through the course of their work with us. CSR researchers will mentor successful candidates and match them with projects which help them build additional fluencies with computational methods. 

Positions are 10-20 hours per week. Hours are negotiated on a per-student basis. All positions are $15/hour. Please note positions are only available for continuing GSAPP students. Please send a letter of interest, CV, and relevant work examples to [email protected]. For further information please visit 

Applications due September 15, 2017, materials will be reviewed in the order there are received.