NYRP - The Haven Project
Analysis of New York City neighborhoods according to specific health, demographic and environmental metrics.

New York Restoration Project (NYRP) is developing a master plan to renovate a network of open spaces in Mott Haven and Port Morris in the South Bronx. Over the next several years, NYRP will fund the renovations and build them. The project aims to demonstrate measurable health and social outcomes resulting from an improved physical environment at the neighborhood scale. For example, one hypothesis is that by improving access to Randall’s Island, residents’ physical activity will increase with a correlative decrease in health care costs. As a first step, we will capture baseline health data and quality of life indicators which we will track as the project progresses.

This project includes maps and charts that analyze and compare different parts of New York City according to specific health, demographic and environmental metrics. 

We used three types of measurements:

  • Environmental, which include tree and grass coverage, pollution levels (PM 2.5) and walking distance to recreational spaces measuring 6 acres or more.
  • Health, including asthma rates, self-reported exercise in the previous 30 days, and overweight percentages.
  • Demographics, which include percentage of the population living below the poverty line, percentage of the population younger than 18 and 65 or older, and percentage of the population having attained only high-school or less.

Pollution levels (P.M. 2.5)

Percentage of grass and tree coverage

Walking distance to large open spaces

Percentage of people who have had asthma

Percentage of the population with only high-school level education or less

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